Increase the Value of Your PMO

Does your organization battle over ‘One Source of the Truth’? Do departments with the best leadership connections get a ‘pass’ to exclude the PMO process? Are there questions from leadership about the value of the PMO? These are just a few reasons I recommend that you create a ‘Consortium’ that expands participants beyond your PMO. […]

Resource Capacity Planning Roadmap

One of the biggest challenges I see at organizations revolve around Resource Capacity Planning. Whether it’s understanding their current capacity of skills, teams or departments or getting visibility into the demand of work in the upcoming months or year they all struggle. My best advice is to NOT do this on your own but get […]

How to Identify Deliverables in the ‘Real World’

Deliverables are ‘THAT’ Important EVERYONE that works on projects needs to know one thing: ‘real-world’ deliverable-based scheduling is the key to successful estimating, statusing, and managing risk. It has even helped change the culture in my client’s organizations! Seriously, it’s that important. Done well, and your career will skyrocket; but discounting it will turn you […]

Tutorial: Adding Team Members and Resources

This may seem basic to some admins but I wanted to also add in some tips for adding Team Members and Generic Resources to Microsoft Project Server 2013 or 2016 or Project Online. There are other scenarios and situations for how to create them, but this will focus on 1. Giving people login access to […]

Tutorial: Importing Custom Views and Filters

I always get these questions about the views and filters and wanted to share a quick tutorial. This article isn’t about how to create the views, groups, tables and filters but more for when someone gives you a schedule that has great views so you can import what they have and learn from others. There’s […]